Man Rolex Submariner Automatic Movement Sapphire Glass 42MM Case Blue Or Gold Dail


Brand: Rolex
Range: Submariner
Cortex: Steel Belt
Gender: Man
Movement: Automatic
Case Size: 42mm
Case Material: 316 Grade Stainless Steel
Mirror: Sapphire glass
Clasp: Safety Clasp
Dial : Blue,Black
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The most perfect Rolex Submariner Replica upgrade, you also have a “10” all “10” beautiful water ghost.
The biggest upgrade highlights are as follows
1: Upgrade the work of the case and strap and finely polish it.
2: The overall circle work is consistent with the original, and the quality is interchangeable with the original.
3: Imported ceramic materials and ceramic ring mouth fine workmanship, improve the texture and brightness of the ring.
4: The practice of upgrading the circle of luminous beads, using the original technology hydraulic ring mouth luminous beads, bid farewell to the glue posted, not easy to fall off. The current market exclusive process.
5: Correct the font of each number in the circle. It achieves the same effect as the original.
6: Improved circle digital plating, using the original process high-tech platinum vacuum coated font. Really never fade. (No fading. No fading, no fading).
7: The ceramic ring structure and workmanship are consistent with the original, using the hydraulic ceramic ring method, bid farewell to the adhesive paper stickers. The current market exclusive process.
8: The overall circle is made of eight sets of original methods, and each detail strives to be consistent with the original.
9: The case strap is made of 904L steel, which is full of texture and wear-resistant.
There are many brand-name watches with a large market share, and Fake Rolex is one of them.

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